Software Engineer & Operations Assistant

Job Description

Would you like to work for an exciting start-up in a sector experiencing a wave of disruptive energy that threatens to up-end an economic order that has stood for hundreds of years?

If so, we have an exciting junior position available for you.

Finnovation Labs is a Cambridge-based startup in the new field of Open Banking. We are both developing our own Open Banking phone app – Mny App, which will a be niche app with industry-first self-leaning flexible budget categorisation – and seeking to generate revenue though consulting and contract software development work to leverage our investment in Open Banking solutions.

Your job will be to help the Founder build and operate Open Banking back-end and client (device) systems for the company and its clients. As an early employee you will have a key role in developing the company’s core technology and meeting the challenge of building high-quality, secure experiences that wow our customers and clients.

Full training will be provided but you will need to be adaptable to changing priorities and quick to learn. You will need to be able to work on and operate multiple systems simultaneously and be ready to drop everything if an urgent need arises!

Your duties are likely to include:

  • Design and programming of phone app UI and data processing components using Swift (iOS) or Java/Dart (Android)
  • Design and programming of back-end (cloud) interfacing and data processing components using Node JS, Python and other languages
    • Back-end components interface to both a phone app client and bank APIs (e.g. UK Open Banking API)
  • Maintaining and improving system operational components such as API status monitoring, cloud systems monitoring, security monitoring and automated test/source control procedures
  • Managing the process of software releases to clients and customers
  • Helping with updates to the company’s website

We are happy to offer you:

  • £30k salary
  • High-spec Apple MacBook Pro laptop and iPhone for business use
  • Six-monthly performance appraisals with generous cash bonus available (non-contractual but funded for first two appraisals, details will be provided)
  • The great future prospects that come alongside working in a company with at this stage in its development – you might end up CTO!

Job Requirements

You will have:

  • An actual or expected 1st class or 2:1 degree in engineering, computer science, physics or mathematics
  • A high level of skill in software programming and mathematics/analytical reasoning
    • Demonstrated proficiency is required in at least one software language (which might be different to those required, and which can be learned, on the job)
  • A strong ability to identify and solve root causes of problems ensuring they are dealt with once, properly
  • The ability to continuously scan for opportunities to automate and systematise processes to improve efficiency and quality
  • A commitment to excellence, efficiency, unwavering professionalism and continuous review and improvement!

You will be:

  • A strong team player with the ability to work both closely with others and autonomously as the situation requires
  • A highly-motivated and determined person who strives to deliver quality work to tight timescales
  • A fast learner who listens carefully and adapts quickly to the changing needs of the business
  • Excellent at communicating and expressing yourself, in both writing and verbally


Please apply via this link: