Reach your financial goals!

Use Mny App's powerful features to plan and track your path.

Open Banking support

[Coming soon] Mny App uses new Open Banking standards overseen by the UK Competition & Markets Authority to get a live transaction feed from supported accounts across multiple banks. Give and revoke permissions for this without us needing to know your bank passwords.

Group accounts and easily navigate transactions

Mny App gives a clear view of your balances and transactions across multiple accounts. Group accounts & navigate their transactions super-efficiently using Mny App’s graphical mini-map.

Transaction Inbox with smartauto-categorisation

[Coming soon] New transactions arrive in your Inbox with an automatically-assigned budget category based on your previous assignments. If the category is wrong, make a correction and the auto-assignment will continually improve to save you time! Dismiss reviewed transactions with a swipe or enable auto-dismiss.

Budget categories to suit your life

No more generic categories like shopping or general that don’t fit your life or money goals. Choose any categories you like (public transport, Christmas, husband?) and make a few assignments to teach Mny App's auto-assignment to track your money your way.

Intelligent defaults, flexible configuration

Mny App arrives with an initial budget based on your current spending. Update it with new categories, spending limits (with different time periods), and regular transactions as you please. Tell Mny App about financial goals like a House Deposit or special holiday and see a live prediction of when you'll get there.

Try Preview

You can explore Mny App without providing any bank data. We've made a couple of user profiles you can use to see how Mny App works. Watch the user's transactions come in and adjust their budget to see what happens!

Screenshots gallery

Watch transactions and set budgets!

Try Mny App Preview on your iPhone!

Yes, I would like to try the Preview of Mny App which is supplied via Apple’s easy-to-use TestFlight beta testing system. I understand my details will be used to send me a TestFlight invitation email and to administer the Preview programme. See more on privacy here. Requires iOS 12.